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Statement about Siam International School

          The school community including owners, senior management, teaching staff, employees, parents and students work together progressively achieving stated outcomes in a transparent, communicative, accountable and collaborative manner.

Our Vision 

         We will develop our unique skills and personality to become global citizens who use 21st Century skills such as independence, empathy, creativity and critical thinking to become lifelong learners and change the world positively.

Mission Statements 

       SIS is dedicated to ensure that al students grow to their full potential as independent learners in a safe, happy and caring international school

  • Mission One: Work together to create a safe, happy, high achieving, respectful and nurturing learning environment focused on maximising each child’s sense of wellbeing and acquisition of skills and talents for living a fulfilling and happy life.

  • Mission Two: Provide exceptional care to all students and this includes fostering their intellectual. social, ethical and physical development in a learning environment catering for individual differences.

  • Mission Three: Identify and create progressive opportunities for students to display their academic, creative, sporting and recreational interests and talents.

  • Mission Four: Facilitate an environment enabling students to acquire technological and associated skills to achieve success in an ever-changing world. 

  • Mission Five: Promote opportunities for all students to acquire 21st Century skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication enabling them to become effective leaders confident to strive for positive change.

School Objectives

  1. To provide an education promoting curiosity, creativity and a desire to discovery.

  2. To identify and develop interests and talents.

  3. To promote the acquisition of progressive communication skills.

  4. To promote the acquisition of progressive technological skills.

  5. To promote and physical and mental wellbeing.

  6. To take active stops promoting ecological sustainability.

  7. To foster tolerance, respect and tolerance of others.

  8. To build each student's resilience and self-esteem.

  9. To develop an environment that allows all students to succeed taking into account individual differences.

  10. To build trusting and connected relationships linking the home, school and the local community.

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