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       The Curriculum becomes more formal and students study the following subjects : English, Mathematics, Science ,Geography,  History, Music, Art, Physical Education and Citizenship.

       During this stage there is a strong focus where students are encouraged to ask questions, display curiosity, develop personal interests and feel confident to express opinions


Year 1 & 2: Key stage 1

     We focus on developing their foundational skills through inquiry-based learning.

     The curriculum we use California Curriculum (Oxford from August).

     In Science and Social Studies and Thai Culture we develop skills to develop a basic understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Year 3 & 4: Lower Key stage 2

     We continue to use inquiry-based learning.

     In English we use  given texts for writing and text-led learning to develop  an understanding and creation of different text types.


     In maths we use skills to develop their application of maths functions to units of measure through reasoning and problem solving.

     In Science/Social Studies and Thai Culture we plan objectives to develop their understanding of the scientific method in a variety of new contexts.

read a book
play football

Year 5 & 6: Upper Key stage 2

     In this stage we focus on developing  investigative and analytical skills.


     In English we use text-led learning to develop their analysis and creation of different writing styles for specific goals.


     In maths we use maths skills to develop their through reasoning and problem solving skills in a wide variety of contexts.


     In Science we develop science skills to develop their understanding of different the scientific method in a variety of new contexts through analysis and evaluation.


     Students learn Social Studies an Thai Culture for an understanding of culture and the world around them..

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